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Why Korean SunsCREENS Are The Best

It’s summer. Flies are buzzing, sand is in between your toes and, invariably, you are looking for something to wipe that sticky, zincky sunscreen off your hands.  

If you’re anything like me, applying sunscreen is not one of my favourite tasks. And, let’s be honest, there is something in the name too - big SPF millions and trillions - it doesn’t sound light - it sounds heavy and serious. Heavy, greasy and visible, sunscreens are generally not what we enjoy putting on our bodies, let alone our faces!

Korean skincare - Make Prem Blue Ray Sun Gel

But this summer, everything has changed. Enter Korean sun fluids and sun gels. Instantly sounds better right? 

Now you know how passionate I am about K-Beauty. More so now, I’m a big a fan of Korean sun protection too. Silky smooth, light and hydrating, Korean sun protection products are everything we need for long, lazy days in the sun - but should be part of our daily routine too! 

It makes sense that Korean Beauty and Skincare brands have spent A LOT of time developing the right processes and products to counter and prevent sun damage. 

If you consider their obsession with all things skin, it stands to reason that they would offer the best products in this category. 

Rather than just blocking out UVA and UVB rays, their sun protection products often incorporate skin care benefits like antioxidants, toners, hydration and moisturiser serums. #welovekoreanbeauty.

Many of us have been caught out and suffered sun damage (dryness - sunburn) because we fail to reapply sunscreen frequently enough during our days in the sun. It always seems such a chore! 

With Korean sunscreen products, it is more of a pleasure. Non-greasy and light, Korean beauty products have focused on using innovative ingredients and fantastic skin tech for us to achieve optimal results for our skin.

We’re all aware now of the intense dangers of overexposure to the sun. UVA and UVB are terms we’re familiar with and the ways that these rays can lead to skin cancers. Fortunately, most sunscreens are primed to deal with these rays. 

One threat that we are just starting to hear about though is IR - Infrared waves. IR are responsible for the overheating of the skin. In fact, over half of the radiation that our skin absorbs from the sun is due to IR. These rays penetrate the skin on a deeper level, breaking down valuable collagen and increasing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

One of my favourite Korean skincare brands, Make P:rem have spent a lot of time investigating how to combat IR and have developed a beautiful line of sun protection products. 

Korean skincare - Make Prem Blue Ray Sunscreen

To help you get through the long, hot, summer, here’s a little advice on how to find the best fit for your skin to protect it from our biggest threat and greatest love - the sun.

Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel

Korean sunscree - Make Prem Blue Ray Sun Gel

This milky gel sunscreen - Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel is super lightweight and absorbed almost instantly. Using chia seed to hydrate, Niacinamide to brighten, derivatives of Rubus Arcticus, a Finnish berry that’s packed with antioxidants and Centella extract to calm your skin. 

I love that it doesn’t clog your pores, but provides you with sun protection that moisturises, brightens and helps to reduce the risk of wrinkles.


Many of my clients have a serious crush on the Bonajour Daily Mild Sun Perfect Shield.

After we all heard about Meghan Markle’s use of Korean sun protection as part of her wedding look, many of us have taken to using Korean sun protection as almost a primer. It holds on to foundation well, leaving our skin with a clear, dewy and flawless appearance. 

In fact, this particular Korean Beauty Product is a 100% physical sunscreen, but is also tinted (you heard that right!) so that it doubles up to cover little imperfections in the skin too. What’s not to love? 

Given the royal stamp of approval and the applause of the beauty community worldwide, Korean Beauty is responsible for a complete revolution in the way we guard against sun damage. 

As with all beauty products, it’s important that you opt for high quality formulations which feature natural ingredients and well developed technology. If you’d like some advice on the right kind of sun protection, make sure to get in touch, I’d love to assist!


If you’d like some advice on the right kind of sun protection, make sure to get in touch, I’d love to assist!

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