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Korean skin care

While other Korean skincare websites don’t stock only products with non-toxic ingredients, I only curate NON-TOXIC Korean skincare products for you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I speak from personal experience, and have also witnessed countless positive results when people switch to Korean skincare products that are toxic-free.

Korean skin care

Korean skin care


Korea skin care

If you know me, I started Glow Picks after I began recommending products to friends and their friends. My consultations are honest and practical. I don't tell you that if you use a particular product, hey presto, your wrinkles will miraculously disappear in a few days. I take a holistic approach when I recommend a Korean skincare routine to you. I may suggest a lifestyle change and include some guidance about your diet, as well as recommend specific products for your skin type. My wealth of beauty knowledge is one of the main reasons customers return to Glow Picks time and time again.


Korean skin care

Korean skincare has gained massive attention over the past 5 years – for good reason.The Korean skincare industry is at least a decade ahead of rest of the world, especially when it comes to the use of natural, non-harsh ingredients.Korean skincare technology is fuelled by savvy consumers who live and breathe new and exciting products.The Korean beauty industry disproves the idea that natural skincare is ineffective, by utilising state-of-art bio-engineering. This is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with Korean skincare products - I was blown away by their supremely gentle efficiency and use of some exotic ingredients. 

Korean skin care


This is how confident I am of recommending products for my clients. When you contact me for a skincare consultation, I send out samples along with your full-sized purchased items. You try the samples first. If you don't like them, simply return the full-sized items. Peace-of-mind online shopping.