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About Glow Picks


Who am I?

HONEST Marketing, HONEST Curation and HONEST Ingredients. These are the words that perfectly describe GLOW PICKS: a collection of the best Korean beauty products the world has to offer.

As someone who suffers from highly sensitive skin, I saw a huge improvement when I switched my beauty regime from regular store-bought products to a super-gentle Korean skincare collection. I was amazed at the results and couldn't wait to share these products with people everywhere.

At Glow Picks, my goal is to select the latest, greatest, and most effective Korean beauty products that will give you the GLOW you desire in most natural and safest of ways. By scrutinizing the full ingredients list, I ensure you achieve flawless, healthy and radiant skin with ease.

Every month, in our Glow Picks blog, I'll review beloved K-beauty products and regimes, so you're up-to-date with all the pioneering skincare goodies coming on the the market.

Every product we stock has been tested by me personally, so only the ones I love make it through the rigorous Glow Picks selection process. 

Why Korean Skincare?

Korean skincare industry is a decade ahead of rest of the world, especially when it comes to the use of natural, non-harsh ingredients. Korean skincare technology is fueled by extremely savvy consumers who live and breathe new and exciting products.

Korean beauty industry disproves the idea that natural skincare is ineffective, by utilizing state-of-art bio-engineering. This is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with Korean skincare products -- I was blown away by their supremely gentle efficiency. 

Why Glow Picks?

What makes Glow Picks' products so good for your skin? Simple. I always ensure friendly, natural and organic ingredients are contained in our offerings. I shun anything that is harsh or abrasive or that could make the skin angry.

You can check out my honest curation process here.

My Specialty

So, you want to try Glow Picks innovative, non- harsh Korean products but feel a little unsure where to start?

Don't worry, I offer FREE personalised skincare consultations that align with your specific skin type so you can achieve a flawless skin!

My wealth of beauty knowledge is one of reasons customers return to Glow Picks again and again.

Click here to find out more.

Alternatively, we offer hand poured samples for pretty much all of our products (with few exceptions). We want you to try out products before committing to full-sized versions, so get in touch to request a sample. 

Please note: 5 items per person limit, 50 samples available per month.

HURRY, while stock lasts!