Capsule Recipe Pack

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Korean Beauty may have reached peak efficiency with this recipe pack. These super cute, travel-friendly capsule packs are another great Innisfree invention.

Choose your favourite depending on your skin’s needs. Each capsule has its own signature ingredients to target hydration, skin smoothing, pore care etc.
Each capsule is designed for 2 treatments and is designed to be easy to store away.

Capsules come in one of:

  • [Wash off pack] – A great multitasker that can be used while you are in the shower.
  • [Sleeping pack] – A great way to nourish your skin while sleeping.
  • [Cool pack] – A cooling, soothing relaxer for irritated skin.

Options Available:

  • [Aloe] – This wash off cooling pack can be stored in the fridge, providing your skin with hydration and soothing care.
  • [Bamboo] – This sleeping pack is infused with bamboo extract to deeply moisturise and refresh the skin.
  • [Canola Honey] – A wash off pack that provides skin with canola honey’s intense nourishment.
  • [Volcanic Cluster] – A wash off pack formulated with Jeju volcanic clusters which work to withdraw excess sebum and impurities, leaving your skin clear and baby soft.
  • [Bija and Aloe] – A sleeping pack formulated with skin calming Bija to treat blemishes and sensitive skin conditions.

Size: 10ml

Free from

Parabens, Allergens, MIT, Triethanolamine, Chemical fragrances and Colourants
  • [Wash Off Pack] – After cleansing, massage half of the pack onto your face or skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.
  • [Sleeping Pack] – Apply the sleeping pack as the last step of your night skincare routine then wash off the next morning with a lukewarm water.
  • [Cooling Pack] – These packs can be applied then washed off after 10 minutes. They cool your skin on their own, but a great Korean Beauty tip is to store the pack in a refrigerator for extra cooling effect.


    1.For external use only 2.Avoid contact with eyes 3.Keep out of reach of children 4.Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin 5.Patch test before use for sensitive skin 6.Discontinue use if signs of irritation/rash occur 7.Use within 6 months of opening the item recommended  8. Avoid contact with direct sunlight 9.Store in cool and dry places