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Dry Skin Set

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There is nothing more frustrating like your skin feeling dry and parched, even though you have applied numerous products to keep it moisturised and hydrated. The core issue of dry skin is a broken surface layer due to compromised skin barrier function. Your dry skin doesn’t need a 10-step skincare routine or numerous products to keep it hydrated.
Instead of a complicated routine, the key to managing your dry skin in the long term is to treat it with a host of skin replenishing and barrier-restoring ingredients.
Discover our Dry Skin Set, which is packed with gentle yet effective skin barrier strengthening ingredients to shield moisture loss from your skin and help it stay hydrated and glowing 24/7!

  • SanDaWha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil
    A gentle yet very effective cleansing oil infused with luxurious Camellia Oil, which is an antioxidant powerhouse, to remove makeup and impurities while restoring natural moisture.
  • Hyggee One-Step Facial Essence - Balance
    An essence toner featuring Birch Sap juice to immediately hydrate and nourish dry skin while preparing the complexion for the next skincare and plumped up.
  • Like Dew - Dew Essence
    Enriched with organic herbal prescription to deeply hydrate, fight pigmentation and provide a protective shield that prevents moisture loss, providing a radiant boost to your skin.
  • The Silk Crystal Hydrophilic Oil
    Dry skin needs extra protection to prevent moisture loss. This lightweight oil serum is quickly absorbed into the skin, providing intense hydration and nourishment to revitalise and restore your complexion’s natural glow.
  • Hyggee All-In-One Cream
    An intensive moisturising cream featuring highly nourishing natural oils that prevent moisture loss, leaving skin soft and supple.
  • Hyggee All-In-One Wrinkle Care Mask
    A high-protein Albumin and soft bamboo cotton sheet mask soaked in skin nourishing and moisturising ingredients, which provides in instant skin firming and restoring core function for a healthy, dewy appearance. .

Free from

Parabens, Allergens, MIT, Triethanolamine, PEG/PPG compounds, Chemical fragrances & Colorants
  • In order of application

    Daily Basis: SanDaWha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil -> Hyggee One-Step- Facial Essence-Balance -> Like Dew Dew Essence -> The Silk Crystal Hydrophilic Oil Serum -> Hyggee All-In-One Cream

    Once a Week: SanDaWha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil ->The Silk Crystal Hydrophilic Oil Serum -> Hyggee All-In-One Wrinkle Care Mask                    ->Hyggee All-In-One Cream


1.For external use only 2.Avoid contact with eyes 3.Keep out of reach of children 4.Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin 5.Patch test before use for sensitive skin 6.Discontinue use if signs of irritation/rash occur 7.Use within 6 months of opening the item recommended  8. Avoid contact with direct sunlight 9.Store in cool and dry places